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Newsletter – October 2016

TELL ME A LIE – Out 12th January 2017

tell-me-a-lie-coverYessss!  I’ve just finished the copy-edit of the sequel to Spare Me The Truth!  And I found the perfect title!

Seriously, it’s been great fun working with Dan and Lucy again.  This time the story is even more personal for Dan when a Russian sleeper agent demands an urgent meeting with him in Moscow. Apparently Dan recruited them ten years ago but he has no memory of them – is he meeting a friend, or a foe? For an exclusive sneak peek, read the first two chapters of Tell Me A Lie here.

Spare Me The Truth seems to have gone down really well.  I even got a Tweet from a London cabbie who said it was “hard to do anything else when you have one of CJ’s books on the go!”  Talk about making my day . . . along with the Aussies, who reprinted the book.  Way to go Down Under!

I’ve had a great summer attending crime writing festivals and hanging out with some seriously awesome authors like Gerald Seymour (the God of thriller writing) and Martina Cole (the Goddess).  Talking to other writers is always inspirational and incredibly motivating – I returned home chomping at the bit to start Book 3.

What I’m up to now

I’m now 55,000 words in and cracking along with Dan, Lucy and also Grace at my shoulder, egging me on.

As always when I’m writing, the research is incredibly absorbing.  Book 3 is set in Scotland and Germany as well as England, and I can find myself as easily absorbed with the fascinating habits of the Capercaillie as the brutal history of Nazi Germany.

CJ recommends…

I hope you had a fantastic summer filled with long hot lazy days of reading!  There are some brilliant books out there, and if you haven’t yet discovered Mason Cross’s Carter Blake series or Reginald Hill’s THE WOOD CUTTER, then you’re in for a treat.  I’ve reviewed both on goodreads if you’re interested

Spare-me-the-truth.350Which reminds me.  Reviews.  This is something I find really difficult to approach, and those of you who know me will understand why.  Because I hate to ask, and I hate to push, but if you don’t know how important it is, you might not help!  And it’s not just me it’s for all authors . . .  So here goes (deep breath):

If you read Spare Me The Truth and feel you’d like to comment (preferably a nice one!) a review on Amazon would be fantastic – it doesn’t have to be long, just one line would be amazing.  I’ve got 28 so far but would love to hit the big 30!  Or even the bigger 50!  As you can imagine reviews are really important because not only do they help the books you love rise up the charts, but they can make an author VERY happy!  Click here if you’re up for it

Phew.  That’s that over with.  And please don’t feel you have to post a review because that’s not what this is about.  It’s about readers being aware of the importance of sharing their favourite books with a wider audience.

That’s all!  Job done!  All I have to do now is finish the third Dan Forrester book (no title yet, any ideas?)

Thanks for your support!  Without you, I wouldn’t have the job I have, and which I love.

Thanks, and have a great Autumn!