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May 2020: life in lockdown

Well, how to start a newsletter after everything that’s been going on? It’s worse than starting a novel. So much has happened, on a global scale, it’s almost impossible.

So, I’ll dive right in by saying I hope you’re all okay, and that your loved ones are too. I send you love and warmest wishes that you will come out the other side safe and well.

Looking back, I see my last newsletter was in March, just after the book launch for The Snow Thief. Ten days later, lockdown was announced. Continue Reading May 2020: life in lockdown

January 2020: A new decade and a new book…


And a very happy start to a new decade!

Things here have kicked off with a blast, with another book out on 5th February. I am definitely like London buses. Nothing for 18 months and then, wham, you get more than you can shake a stick at.

Deep Black Lies is the sequel to Cold Echo which came out in September, but like all my series books, it can be read as a stand-alone. My copy editor read it without reading the first in the series and told me it works extremely well, so all my hard work seems to have paid off (phew).

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September 2019: Flying high…

Well here it is, another book for you! Cold Echo was published 23rd September and already has some great reviews (phew). If you pick up a copy, I really hope you enjoy it.

Cold Echo had an interesting beginning when I was told by my then publisher to write something “less international and more local”. I wasn’t entirely enamoured by the idea as I love my overseas settings, and decided if they wanted local, they’d get local (!) and I set it between Bath and Batheaston, just down the road from me.

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August 2019: Fast flying and Cold Echo

I did it! I became the first passenger in our home built aeroplane!

I’d been told that Vans RV-8s were exceptional aircraft but had no idea until I was in the air. They are strong, solid aircraft with a purposeful attitude. They’re also beautifully manoeuvrable and VERY fast!

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June 2019: Portugal, aeroplanes and real-life psychopaths

It’s been a while since I blogged thanks to being absorbed in writing a new thriller as well as editing another and proofing yet another – an ongoing process of publishing that sometimes feels as though it’s getting a bit out of hand, but I’ve finished the edits and have two books coming out now, Over Your Shoulder on July 1st and Cold Echo on 24th September.

Having not had a book out for over a year it feels a bit like London buses!

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May 2017: The importance of turning off your left brain…

What happened to the month? Where has it gone?! One second I’m blogging about being between books and I’m dismayed to find I still am – yikes!

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Newsletter – October 2016

TELL ME A LIE – Out 12th January 2017

tell-me-a-lie-coverYessss!  I’ve just finished the copy-edit of the sequel to Spare Me The Truth!  And I found the perfect title! Continue Reading Newsletter – October 2016