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August 2020: A hot-coal idea and time to take stock

Well, here we are, coming out of lockdown. At least I hope so. Unlike some people, I haven’t been relishing the “stay at home” mantra as I’ve found rather to my cost that my creativity freezes up without external stimulation.

As soon as I was allowed out a little more – even if it was just to the farm shop twice a week rather than once! – my brain kick-started and I finished my manuscript at a gallop. I sent it to my agent who liked it very much (the good news) but didn’t think it was “different or stand out enough” to attract a major publisher (the bad news).

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May 2020: life in lockdown

Well, how to start a newsletter after everything that’s been going on? It’s worse than starting a novel. So much has happened, on a global scale, it’s almost impossible.

So, I’ll dive right in by saying I hope you’re all okay, and that your loved ones are too. I send you love and warmest wishes that you will come out the other side safe and well.

Looking back, I see my last newsletter was in March, just after the book launch for The Snow Thief. Ten days later, lockdown was announced. Continue Reading May 2020: life in lockdown

March 2020: The Snow Thief


Just flown in from India and beautiful Dharamshala in the foothills of the Himalayas. Mission: to drop a copy of The Snow Thief to the Dalai Lama.

I couldn’t have been more welcome. Whenever I told anyone in town that my book was about Tibet, I got such an incredible response I stopped being embarrassed about taking people’s photographs. Continue Reading March 2020: The Snow Thief

December 2019: Tibet and Tintin

OK. Guess what’s on my Christmas list. Yep, you’ve got it. BOOKS! Oh, and some decent weather, please. It’s rained every day for as long as I can remember, but the good news is that it’s been great for writing, and I’ve just finished the copy-edit of The Snow Thief, for March publication.

This is the book which has been germinating for around a decade thanks to its controversial nature… It’s set in Tibet and told through the eyes of a Chinese police officer and poses the question of what might happen after the death of the Dalai Lama.

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March 2019: Coming out of hibernation…

At last, Spring is here! I am slowly coming out of hibernation, although I have to say I didn’t get out too much last week since we were being battered by gale force winds and horizontal rain. Pretty foul, but it was good reading weather!

Today, however, the sun is out, the daffodils are bobbing and the birds singing and displaying like crazy, trying to attract a mate. It’s all energizing stuff, the result of which resulted in my having a massive spring clean over the weekend. Continue Reading March 2019: Coming out of hibernation…

December 2018: Irons in the fire…

Christmas is around the corner and you can guess what I’ve been buying… yes! BOOKS!

From the Private Eye annual to Tequila Mockingbird (cocktails with a literary twist) and The Penguin Book of Brexit Cartoons, there’s something cheery for everyone out there.

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October 2018: A land of contrasts

Yesterday I landed back in the UK from Tokyo and I am now sitting in my office feeling somewhat bleary with jet-lag but very content after sating my wanderlust. Japan is an incredible country, on the one hand it’s spiritual and harmonious and on the other it’s absolutely crazy. A real land of contrasts.

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August 2018: Long, hot summer

Well, what a summer!

After what seems to have been the longest winter EVER, we’ve had the longest, hottest summer EVER. For weeks I’ve been feeling like I’m on holiday even if I’m not. This has been disastrous on the productivity front.

I’m not on holiday. But the holiday feeling continues.

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May 2018: Hello, spring!

Well, hello spring!

After what seems to have been the longest winter EVER, the sun is finally out, blossom blooming, and the birds are nesting.  The only drawback when the weather cheers up is that I’d rather be outside than in, so sitting at my computer becomes a bit of an effort. Today, for example, I’ve been out all morning, notebook in hand, and as usual when I’m walking, I’ve returned bursting with more ideas for my stand-alone.

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March 2018: Staying cosy…

So, the Beast from the East has returned to the UK but luckily, I’m all tucked up in my office with the heating going flat out. I love being snowed in, but must admit that’s only when I don’t have to be going anywhere…

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