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Tell Me a Lie


The Calder family seems to have it all. Until the day Adrian Calder takes a gun and shoots his wife and children dead.
It looks like an open and shut case, but PC Lucy Davies isn’t convinced.

A sleeper agent in Moscow demands an urgent meeting with Dan Forrester, but when Dan’s cover is blown he finds himself on his own.
Discovering that their cases are linked, Dan and Lucy desperately race to find answers, but they soon realise that their lives aren’t the only ones in danger.
But how do you protect your family when you don’t know who is hunting them?

‘A gripping international thriller, perfect for fans of Lee Child and Mason Cross

The Guardian

A fantastically paced thriller that draws you in and keeps you on tenterhooks all the way through to the end’

Waterstones, Nudge-Books

‘The narrative is fast and addictive and ends with an explosive twist

Law Institute Journal

‘TELL ME A LIE is a fast and ingenious thriller. I'm full of admiration’

Isabelle Grey, bestselling author of The Special Girls

‘The best tribute I can pay to this absorbing novel is that I’d planned to ration my reading to focus on my own writing . . . but I just had to know what was happening next

GJ Minett, author of The Hidden Legacy

An adrenalin-rush of a novel with plenty of heart, Tell Me a Lie is a page-turning thrill’

Mick Heron author of bestseller Slow Horses

Brilliantly and intricately plotted, C J Carver has produced another explosive read. Don't miss it.’
Lizzie Hayes, Mystery People

‘Lots of sub plots and intrigue and for large portions of the book I was hooked...
Worcester Source

Beautifully paced, occasionally breathtaking, always bang on the money, Tell Me A Lie is brilliant beginning middle and end...The plotting is tight and cohesive and absolutely gripping - a thriller with heart and soul whose resolution is not easy to grasp...Overall blinking fantastic’
Liz Loves Books

'Do I recommend this book? Hell Yeah, I do! One of my #TopReads of 2017, I have added this author's books to my massive TBR as she is one to watch! If you want a crime thriller, with non-stop action and oozing suspense, click the link below and grab a copy of this #MustRead book, stat!'
Crime Book Junkie

'It's hard to explain the breadth and the largeness of this plot, which is why when it all comes together I might've let out an audible ohhh or several of them...'
Editing Everything

Utterly gripping the story moves along at a cracking pace with many twists and turns. There are some brutal scenes that had me gasping in horror. C J Carver is the master of complex plots. As the several threads began to knit together I found myself rapidly turning the pages as the tension mounted and the story hurtled towards a heart-stopping climax. Action packed, with brilliantly drawn characters, to say this book is 'highly recommended' is inadequate 'must read' is a nearer the mark.’
Promoting Crime

'I was absolutely hooked reading this...before you know it you have devoured half the book.'
Charlene Jess Blog

'This is an extraordinarily tense clever thriller. Don't expect to sleep, because this is unputdownable. Great stuff, from an international thriller writer of inordinate skill.'
Frost magazine

'an international spy thriller; that involves power, corruption and a spot of murder and torture. I adored every second, every moment in the adventures of Dan and Lucy. This is fast paced, that at times your head will spin trying to keep up! In my eyes, C. J. Carver can do no wrong. Fabulous. Extremely fabulous. Read this series. It's the best!'
Northern Crime book blog

'Award-winning author CJ Carver is on top form in the second instalment of her Dan Forrester series, international, fast-paced, all-action spy thrillers that pack a powerful punch and have an all-star cast of eclectic characters. Packed with explosive action, dark deeds, evil baddies and white-knuckle suspense, and with a terrific twist in the tail, Tell Me A Lie is sheer entertainment all the way.'
Lancashire Evening Post

'This is one of the fastest-moving, most entertaining thrillers I have read for a long time.'
NJ Cooper, Book Oxygen

‘Tell Me A Lie is yet another top notch thriller from CJ Carver. This book has it all - brilliant characters, family secrets, an international conspiracy, a police investigation and a twisty turny plot that keeps you guessing all the way through. Tell Me A Lie features a highly original modern plot but has a classic spy thriller feel to it too, with more than a hint of James Bond. I highly recommend this series!’
Off The Shelf Book Reviews

‘In this thriller by the author of last year's dazzling debut, Spare Me the Truth, amnesia-struck agent Dan Forrester and gutsy PC Lucy Davies return to the fray. This time they face a Russian oligarch, deal with a gruesome murder, and come up against danger closer to home. The thinking woman's whodunnit.’
The Lady

‘Utterly gripping, the story moves along at a cracking pace. CJ Carver is the master of complex plots. As the several threads began to knit together, I found myself rapidly turning the pages as the tension mounted and the story hurtled towards a heart-stopping climax.’

Lizzie Sirett, Mystery People

Fellow cabbies, if you’re looking for a good read whilst sitting on the ranks, I suggest you give books by CJ Carver a go

Andy Kirk, London cab driver for 15 years

Full of action and Carver introduces a lot of complexity into the plot which keeps the pace moving’


High-octane, Jason Bourne game-playing Brit noir
Jack Grimwood, author of the bestselling Moskva

‘A thriller writer of inordinate skill’
Frost Magazine

Before the 2014 Winter Olympics, the Russian people were asked to vote for the greatest Russian. Despite sending millions of Soviets to their deaths in labour camps and gulags, Stalin came third. 50 million people voted.

This got me thinking about the psychology of this nation. Russians are deep thinkers. They love to laugh, talk and share stories. They love to gossip about mutual friends when they’re not around. They can be blunt to the point of rudeness.

But above all, Russians are passionate and fiercely loyal to their country. It was this immense and inspiring devotion that helped drive the book to its finale.

Dan’s gaze was drawn to the dark-haired beauty at the bar.  She wasn’t his type, but there was something in her expression and manner that he found so absorbing, he found it hard not to stare.  It had to be the sheer beauty of her.  It was almost hypnotic.

Ten o’clock.

Something caught his attention at the far end of the room.  Two men in suits.  Hard and unsmiling.  They scanned the bar as though looking for someone, then left.

The minutes ticked past.  Ten past ten.  Ten twenty.  Ten forty.

Dan ordered a light bar snack.  Would Lynx turn up?  Had they been scared off or delayed?  No way to tell, so he ate his snack and ordered another tonic and ice, outwardly relaxed, internally vigilant.
Eleven o’clock came and went.  Dan made the decision to wait for Lynx until the bar closed even though something told him that if Lynx wasn’t here by now, they wouldn’t appear.  It was looking as though it was a wasted trip, which wouldn’t please Bernard.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw the woman preparing to leave, picking up her handbag, slipping off her stool.  She was laughing, her lips stretched over pearly white teeth, but her eyes weren’t amused.  The man tried to stop her going.  He gripped the dark haired beauty’s arm and she tried to brush it away but his grip tightened and she grimaced in pain.

Dan’s gut tightened.  He resisted the urge to intervene.  The last thing he needed was a bar fight.

She snapped something at the man.  Then she nodded at Dan.  The man turned to stare at him.  He stared back.

What had she said?

She released her arm from the man’s grip.  Sashayed her way over to him.  Stood so close her hip touched his.  She dedicated placed a hand on his shoulder and bent her head to his.  She smelled of dark amber, nutmeg and ginger lily.  Spicy and exotic.  She murmured in English, ‘Put your arm around my waist.’

Her voice was low and smoky, accented in Russian.

He complied.

The man continued to stare.

Dan didn’t drop his gaze.

‘Pull me closer,’ she said.

The material of her dress was slippery and cool, her body plaint and smooth.  She moved her hand to the nape of his neck.  Caressed his hair.

She dipped her head to his once more.  Her lips were so close to his ear he felt the tiny hairs tremble when she spoke.  Goose-bumps rushed up his arm and across his chest.

‘I told him you were my pimp.’

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Published by: Zaffre
Publication date: 12th January 2017
ISBN: 1785760351